Our story

From generation to generation since 1928

The House of Cheese has a beautiful history, almost a century old today. From generation to generation, the Sterchi family has continued to cultivate its passion for cheese and to refine its know-how.

It is in a natural cellar in La Chaux-de-Fonds, dug into the rock in 1864, that the Maison du fromage breeds its great vintages: Gruyère, Emmental, Fuet, Monk's Head, Alpine cheese and Raclette cheese... This is the cave in which the secrets of the cheese maturer unfold, promising a sensory firework display for those who will surrender their taste buds to the delicate and subtle notes of exceptional cheeses.

Loan Sterchi and his father Pierre-Alain are constantly enriching this heritage of taste, which they share with their customers, who are fine gourmets.

Pierre-Alain Sterchi on CanalAlpha's "Sans Rendez-vous" programme